Targeted Vitamin Supplementation

Personal supplementation.

Targeted Supplementation

Supplementation supports our biochemistry and upgrades our ability to perform. At bionwoRx we use targeted supplementation to support your health, whether that’s treating the difficult symptoms of an autoimmune disease or sickness or boosting your athletic performance or anything in between.

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Personalized Supplementation.

How do you know you are taking the supplements that your body really does require if you don’t test for it? If you give your body, and more specifically your cells, the wrong nutrient, no matter how much of the nutrient you ingest, it won’t fix the problem. The best and safest way to supplement is to target your supplements specifically to your personal nutritional deficiencies. This can be measured through lab testing. Taking supplements that you do not need may not solve the underlying problem – which is your specific cellular nutritional deficiency.

Nutrient Balance.


Micronutrients (which includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other compounds) work synergistically, there exists an important and delicate balance of nutrients. Taking too much of one nutrient may induce a deficiency in another nutrient by disturbing the biochemical balance they have with each other.

The key is targeted supplementation, which means supplementing to correct nutritional deficiencies specific to you. Measuring baseline status is necessary to determine appropriate supplementation

Personalized Vitamin Supplementation

Our unique approach to nutritional balance.

At biowoRx, we view our patients as partners in care. If you’re looking for a collaborative relationship with your practitioner, then we may be right for you. We specialize in therapies that help the body heal naturally, without surgery or drugs. We believe in finding the root cause of dysfunction to alleviate symptoms, truly heal the body and increase performance.

Annamarie Salyer FNP-C

Founder – bionwoRx

Test, don’t guess.

It is vital to test for your specific nutritional deficiencies prior to developing a supplementation regimen. The goal is to target the nutrients in which your cells are deficient, and supplement accordingly. Supplements can act like medicine. Nutrients in supplement form can be very powerful healing tools, but can also cause problems when used randomly. How do you know you’re taking the supplements your body really does require if you don’t know your specific nutritional deficiencies?

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Targeted Supplementation

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