About us.

bionwoRx is a first-class, comprehensive facility for state-of-the-art healing medicine and anti-aging techniques, therapies and overall health optimization. Our commitment to staying on the cutting edge, and hunting for new, evidence-based treatments is the driving force for what we do.

Why choose us?

Empowering you with the first-class tools and cutting-edge treatments you need to function at your highest level, we will work with you to personalize your whole body health experience.


We empower patients to actively participate in their care.

Evidence-based treatments

We use current best evidence in making decisions about the care of our patients.

Root Cause

We look to the parts of the body not functioning ideally and work to heal them.


We offer treatments with proven efficacy and reproducible results.

About us

We’re here to get you healthy.

We believe preventative, personalized and healing modalities are what keeps patients functioning at their highest level. While we see sick and injured patients, you don’t have to wait for symptoms to seek care. In fact, we want you to visit often and take a proactive approach to your health.

You just need easy access to the right tools and professionals who take the time to listen and care.

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