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Rediscover your passion for patient care.

The bionwoRx medical franchise program is ideal for healthcare professionals from a variety of backgrounds — primary care, internal medicine,  emergency medicine, and nurse practitioners. Franchise owners are required to have a medical background. Our franchise opportunity is perfect for owner/operators who can manage a medical team and the operational, back-office functions.

We are here to keep our patient’s healthy.

We offer a model of care designed to keep our patient’s functioning at the highest level. They don’t have to wait for symptoms to seek care. In fact, we believe that feeling your best requires access to consistent in-depth care and the latest high-tech modalities.


We empower patients to actively participate in their care.

Evidence-based treatments

We use current best evidence in making decisions about the care of our patients.

Root Cause

We look to the parts of the body not functioning ideally and work to heal them.


We offer treatments with proven efficacy and reproducible results.

The future of medicine.

The founder of bionwoRx recognizes an opportunity to utilize anti-aging  techniques and self-healing medicine to effectively address a variety of medical and aesthetic issues, while at the same time providing individualized patient care.

Their vision has made it possible for patients to enjoy an improved quality of life by using natural treatment options that eliminate the need for surgical intervention.

The bionwoRx business model is the ideal choice for you if you’re passionate about improving the quality of life, for both yourself and your patients. Why wait? There’s no better time than now to open a medical franchise in the emerging field of anti-aging medicine.

bionwoRx Services and Franchise opportunities

Let’s get started.

The projected investment for a start-up franchise is between $120,130 to $228,830 (as described in further detail in the FDD). This investment is designed to allow a franchise owner, with the proper financial requirements, to operate a single clinic with a view towards potentially owning and operating multiple clinics. Please let us know how much capital you have to invest: