We understand that a situation may arise that could force you to cancel or postpone your visit. Please understand that such changes affect not only our staff but our other clients as well, and we therefore request your courtesy and concern. If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact us by phone at least 72 hours to notify us of the cancellation. Should we receive less than 72 hours of notification, or should you fail to keep your appointment, your credit card will be charged for the visit.

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for any no-shows and late cancellations. Note that you may be considered a no-show if you are late for your scheduled appointment, and we decide whether the fee is applied.

The cancellation fee is only charged if you violate the terms of the cancellation policy. If you show up to the appointment on time or cancel by phone before the 72 hour deadline, no cancellation fee is withdrawn from your credit card. As the fee is not charged for successful appointments, you will be expected to pay for your appointment in full once the service is completed, which includes telemedicine visits.